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Choosing the right serviced office plays a significant part in the success of your business.

No matter the business, your clients judge you and your company by the professionalism of your front line team, and the quality of your premises. We build our reputation on exceptional performance, outstanding service and attention to detail, to you and for you. We are proud to serve you to the best of our ability.

Do you need your phone answered by a professional receptionist when you are out or in a meeting?

Do you need a professional business address for mail and deliveries?

Do you need to present a professional image and presence to your potential and existing clients?

Do you need access on an as-needed basis to a professional, corporate office, boardroom or meeting room?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our Virtual Office may be right for you!

Virtual Office is designed for people whose productivity would be increased by a more professional environment. It offers benefits of an office . . . without the office overhead.

You can get an office address without the expense of paying for office space with our Virtual Office Identity Plan. You will receive a company address at any Calgary Business Service business centre, where we represent your office by answering and redirecting your telephone calls, and handling your mail.

In addition to our basic Identity Plan, there is the optional use of meeting rooms, which allow you to hold meetings, conduct interviews, or deliver presentations to clients or suppliers. Rooms can be booked for an hour, half a day or full day. Different room sizes are also available, from a two-person meeting to a large boardroom.

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Virtual Assistant
What We Offer!

Word Processing Simple Spreadsheets
Mass Mailing
Client List
Address Books

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are $35.00 to $45.00 per hour. Clients who would only have the occasional or special project would benefit from this rate. Billing is by the minute.

• 10 hours 10 % off - save $35.00 or $45.00
• 20 hours 15 % off - save $105.00 or $135.00
• 40 hours 20 % off - save $280.00 or $360.00

Our Virtual Office Assistant

Benefits of using the Virtual Office Assistant

The median salary of an Adminstrative Assistant is 40,000.00 to 45,760.00 which works out to $19.25 to $22.00 per hour. This does not include benefits. The average cost to provide benefits to employees is 25% of annual wages. This mean that the average employee wage would be $50,000.00 to $57,200.00 annually. With this additonal cost of benefits the hourly rate would be between $24.48 to $27.50. The above cost does not include your cost for office space or equipment for this employee.

For business that do not have 160 hours worth of work for an Administrative Assistant the challenge becomes finding an employee that would work part time. Most employees prefer not to work part time for employers that may be in locations that require the employee to pay for parking and or bus service. The parking or bus service could cost the employee anywhere from $75.00 to $350.00 a month.

Contact Elizabeth at or 403-269-2336.

Your information is safe with us. All information is stored on a secured server and transferred via webmail, courier or Canada Post.

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Virtual Office

Whatever your mail and phone requirements, our Telephone Answering Service service gives you simplicity, flexibility, and time and cost effective results.

Give your business an official voice with a dedicated phone number and answering service. Get local credibility with a working address at a respected business location. And provide your business with all the benefits of a prime office - without the need to be there.

Telephone Answering Service includes:

• Calls answered in your company name
• Calls forwarded to you anywhere in the world
• Calls forwarded to anyone and answered on your behalf
• Calls diverted to a landline or mobile number
• Remote access to voicemail messages
• Preferential boardroom rates at all Calgary Business Services business centres

Telephone Answering Service will answer and forward calls to three named employees. Additional names can be added at a charge

Your Virtual Office provides you with a permanent business base, fully operational while you are on the move. This includes mail handing, both incoming and outgoing, telephone answering, voice mail and more.

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